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Air transport

Air transport is actually aircrafts, and also an infrastructure necessary for their operation: the airports, dispatching and technical services.

Air transport — the fastest and at the same time most expensive type of transport. The basic sphere of application of air transport — passenger transportations on distances over thousand miles. Also freight traffic is carried out also, but their share is very low. Basically an air transport transport perishable food and especially valuable cargoes, and also mail. In many remote areas (in mountains, regions of the Far North) air transport does not have alternatives. In such cases, when in a landing place there is no airdrome (for example, delivery of scientific groups in remote areas) use not planes, and helicopters which do not require a landing strip. The big problem of modern planes — the noise made by them at launch which considerably spoils quality of a life of inhabitants of areas close to the airports.

Now concepts aircraft and air transport actually became synonyms as an airline traffic is carried out exclusively by aircrafts more hard air. However the first aircrafts were easier than air. In 1709 the first balloon has been started. However, balloons have been uncontrollable. By the XIX-th century end to dominate in air there were huge air ships — dirigible balloons. Their Golden Age has had on first half of XX-th century when passenger dirigible balloons made regular flights between Europe and America. The epoch of dirigible balloons has come to an end in 1937 when directly at the airport of New York has burnt down a German passenger dirigible balloon-liner of "Gindenburg". In the end of the XX-th century interest to dirigible balloons has renewed: now instead of explosive hydrogen inert helium, dirigible balloons though and much more slowly planes is applied, but is much more economic. Nevertheless till now the sphere of their application remains marginal: Advertising and pleasure flights, supervision over traffic. Dirigible balloons also are offered in quality climate comprehensible alternative to planes.