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American Airlines

American Airlines, Inc. (It is reduced as American or AA) — the American airline, the world leader on total of passenger-miles (224 330 million in 2006) and to the size of a passenger-carrying fleet (655 units). In 2007 by the company it has been transported 98 162 thousand passengers. Takes the second place after «FedEx Express» on the general size of fleet and after «Air France-KLM» — under the aggregate profit. Is affiliated company «AMR Corporation». The airline Headquarters is in the Texas city of Fort Worth near to which the international airport the Dallas/fort-uert is located. The chairman of board, the president and operating director is Dzherard Arpi.

The company carries out the regular aircraft service in the USA, to Canada, Latin America, the Caribbean islands, Europe, Japan, China and India. «American Airlines» is in the lead in the market of passenger transportations between the USA and the countries of Latin America (in 2004 — 12,1 million).

The company has five hubs: the international airport the Dallas/fort-uert, the International airport O'Hara in Chicago, the international airport of Miami, the International airport Luis Munos Marin in Puerto Rico and the International airport Lambert in Saint Louis. Largest of them is Dallas-Fort Worth, 84 % of flights from this airport are carried out by the company «American Airlines». Additional hubs are also the International airport Los-Anzhelesa, the International airport of a name of John Kennedy and the International airport Logan in Boston.

In the city of Fort Worth the base of the company «American Eagle Airlines» — the regional partner «American Airlines» to which also completely belongs to corporation «AMR Corporation» is located also. «American Airlines» is the charter member of an aviaalliance «Oneworld».


The plane the Boeing 757 comes in the land in airport Sint-Maartena

Flights «American Airlines» serve cities on four continents, the company network is especially developed in America where it serves more directions, than any other air carrier. Hubs at the airports the Dallas/fort-uert, Miami and New York are used for flights across America, in Chicago — for flights to Europe and Asia, in Saint Louis — as a regional hub of the company.

In the middle of 2000th years the company has started to expand the presence at the Asian countries with various success. In 2005 it has started again a flight from the airport the Dallas/fort-uert to Osaka which interrupted after terrorist attacks on September, 11th, 2001. The same year started flights of Chicago — Nagoya which has not lasted even year, and flight of Chicago — Delhi. In spite of the fact that the similar route was offered already by the company «United Airlines», it has appeared profitable. In October, 2006 the company has ceased to make transportations on a route of San Jose (California) — Tokyo-Narita, having left at the western coast USA only one airport for the international flights — in Los-Anzhelese. In September, 2007 the company has obtained the permit to the organisation of flights from Chicago to Beijing which are planned since April, 2010.

On June, 3rd, 2008 the first direct flight from Moscow (Domodedovo) in Chicago (the International airport O'Hara) thanks to what 8 075 km between these cities for 10 hours of 45 minutes began possible to fly by has taken place. Flights pass on liners the Boeing 777—200 with quantity of seats 247, including 16 places of the first and 37 places of a business class.