International Airlines

British Airways

On March, 31st 1924 four largest airlines of Great Britain have merged to generate one company which should develop an air communication between the centre of British Empire both distant possession and colonies, such as Australia and Africa.

At that time a considerable quantity of small British airlines also have begun the activity. In 1935 they have merged to generate large private airline of British Airways LTD. Under the decision of the Government of the company have been nationalised in 1939, having formed the new company. Post-war BOAK continued to provide transportations on routes of the big extent, except the South American direction (these are directions provided other companies. Continental Europe and internal flights were served new nationalised авиакоманией which has received routes of existing British independent airlines.

In 1952 BOAK has begun flights by the new plane, having cut flight time by half. Began to get huge popularity day off tourism that has resulted in the big changes in work of airlines. BEA has accepted a call, having founded new firm in 1970. In 1972 BOAK and BEA have been united under just created Board of the British Airlines, to 1974 having created British Airways during David Nicholson's board. British Airways, simultaneously from Air France, has begun for the first time commercial flights by supersonic passenger planes "Concordes" in January 1976.


Sir John King, subsequently lord King, have been appointed by the Chairman in 1981; to it there was a task in view to prepare airline to privatisation. King has employed Kolin Marshalla on a post of the Main chief executive in 1983. In King's merits attribute transformation of the unprofitable giant into one of the most profitable air carriers, company transformation into «world-wide favourite airline» while many large airlines were in crisis. The fleet of airline and a routeing grid have been reorganised in the beginning of work of King; for change of image of the company and mark the team of experts has been involved. Over 23,000 workplaces have been reduced in the early eighties though King undertook various measures for a raising of moral spirit of the personnel and optimisation of business processes at the same time. The offer of generous compensation for the people leaving the company, has led to record losses in the sum of 545 million pounds sterling which have been covered for the account of tax bearers, but in the future has considerably increased company cost at privatisation.

The national carrier has been privatised, and its actions began to bargain at the London stock exchange in February 1987. The initial offer as a result of the auctions has been increased in 11 times. In April 1988 British Airways have absorbed airline British Caledonian, and in 1992 one more British airline, «Dan-Air which was based in Gatvik has been absorbed.