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Delta Airlines

Delta Air Lines, Inc. — airline of the United States of America with headquarters in Atlanta the State of Georgia. One of four companies-founders of an aviation alliance of passenger transportations SkyTeam.

Delta Air Lines — one of the largest airlines of the world, its routeing network covers the countries of the North America, the South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Near East and Caribbean basin. In 2009 the Delta plans to open flights to Australia that will give it the status of the unique American carrier connecting all continents of the world except for Antarctica. The delta with the affiliated airlines carries out flights in more than 375 destinations in 66 countries on five continents, being the largest in the world an air carrier on routes through Atlantic ocean and the only thing connecting the United States of America with the countries of Africa.

The main hub of airline is in the International airport Hartsfilda-Dzheksona (Atlanta, the State of Georgia), confidently taking in last years the first place in the world on an annual passenger turnover and quantity of operations of launches-landings. The basic hubs of the company also are the International airport Tsintsinnati/Severnyj / Northern Kentucky, the International airport of a name of John Kennedy in New York and the International airport of Salt Lake City.

On October, 29th, 2008 the Delta has got 100 % of actions of other American airline Northwest Airlines. After long procedures of merge and rearrangement of routes of the companies roughly to the beginning of 2010 the Delta becomes the largest commercial air carrier of the world.