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Classification of fighters

* Front fighters — are intended for a domination gain in air by destruction of aircraft of the opponent in maneuverable air fight. Also are used for fire support of land forces

* Fighters-interceptors — are intended for protection of land objects against means of an air attack (planes, rockets) by their destruction by rocket arms on the big distances from protected objects

* Fighters-bombers — are intended as for performance of the problems inherent in bombers, and also the problems peculiar to front fighters

* Multi-purpose fighters
* Deck fighters

Despite the aggressive name, a fighter the aircraft concerns defensive types of the arms, separate offensive value fighters has no. Therefore in the modern world, in the conditions of local conflicts, fighters gradually become more universal, and receive possibilities of attack of land objects, that is from pure fighters turn to fighters-bombers. Development of means of air defence has led practically to a total disappearance of fighters-interceptors, as class.

It is supposed that in the near future a role of fighters can take on themselves pilotless devices, workings out in this direction are already actively conducted. It will allow to reduce possible human losses, to simplify, facilitate and reduce the price of planes, and also to get rid of restrictions on the overloads, possibilities of a human body imposed by limits.