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Leonardo da Vinci. The project of an operated parachute

The great scientist of Renaissance Leonardo da Vinci (1452—1519). The Great attention in the researches gave to studying of flight of birds and a problem of flight of the person. It had been developed a number of original projects of the flying devices, different such features, as a fuselage in the form of a boat, the operated tail plumage cleaned by the chassis. Being based on supervision over birds, the scientist has formulated some principles of formation of an aerodynamic carrying power, maintenance of stability and management in flight.
Leonardo da Vinci's basic efforts have been directed on creation of cars with waving wings. It has in detail worked projects of several types of planes — with lying position of the pilot, the plane with vertically located pilot, etc. By working out of these flying machines the scientist has put forward a number of remarkable ideas — a fuselage in the form of a boat, the operated tail plumage cleaned by the chassis. Aspiring to raise capacity of waves wings, da Vinci suggested to use along with force of hands and force of feet of the person, and also has developed the plane project in which as an energy source force of elasticity of preliminary tense onions should be used. At the same time the analysis of its creativity shows that by the end of a life the scientist has become interested in a problem of the device with a motionless wing. Last years XV century he has developed the project of the plane with partially fixed wing. Later it had been offered a way of descent by air by means of the lifted wing. In the manuscript stored in Paris, there is the little-known drawing representing the person, going down by means of a rectangular flat subject and the way of management by descent (at the expense of change of an inclination of a wing) is specified. The project of the given flying machine representing a primitive operated parachute, has arisen, possibly, as a result of supervision over falling of a sheet of paper in air.
Leonardo da Vinci's projects remained not published. The maintenance of its manuscripts became known only in XIX century