International Airlines

Japan Airlines

Classes of service and configuration of salons


Airline JAL offers passengers flights in economy class, bonus economy class, in a business class and in the first class.

On flights from Moscow the airline offers air tickets in economic, bonus economic and a business class.

Economy class

The personal video-screen which has been built in a back ahead of the standing armchair. A wide choice of films, games and music on one of 130 channels of entertaining system with function of audio and video on demand. Newspapers and magazines are offered passengers; writing-materials and cards.

During all flight – light meals, and also a wide choice alcoholic and soft drinks from a bar.

Bonus economy class

On a direction Moscow – Tokyo for bonus economy class is aboard allocated separate salon with 40 armchairs (eight in the same row, a configuration 2-4-2), equipped with the newest armchairs JAL Sky Shell Seat the distance between which is increased by 20 % in comparison with armchairs of salon of standard economy class. There is a support for feet and adjustable headrests. In each armchair there is a network socket for phone or a player, the sliding little table allows to place the full-size laptop. Individual 9-inch video the screen with function of audio and video on demand. Passengers can choose films, games, video and music on any of 130 channels.

At the Domodedovo airport the separate rack of registration and priority service of luggage works., where to services of passengers free buffet, access to the Internet and other possibilities the business class waiting room is accessible to work and rest.

At airport Narita passengers use separate proof registration Premium Еconomy, and after passage of customs and passport formalities can have a rest in a waiting room of business class Sakura lounge.

In addition to the usual menu of economy class in any time snack, including firm noodles and ice-cream are accessible to passengers. In a bar – assortment of refined wines, beer, soft drinks, and also traditional Japanese vodka.

To passengers of bonus economy class as well as to passengers of a business class, the personal sets including in a mask for eyes, a tooth-brush humidifying a mask, and also slippers, a plaid and a pillow are offered. A wide choice of newspapers and magazines.

Business class

On routes to Europe (including Moscow), the North America and on some directions of the countries of Asia and Australia to services of travellers of a business class of armchair Shell Flat Seat. Wide armchairs have possibility to be transformed to high-grade berths. Before such level of service it was accessible only to passengers of the first class. In everyone to a number of salon of a business class seven armchairs JAL Shell Flat.


The personal monitor: 130 channels with new films, various games and music. Function of audio and video on demand.

Separate waiting room of a business class at the Domodedovo airport, and also waiting rooms Sakura lounge at the airports of Tokyo and Osaka. Passengers business-klasa can choose to themselves a place in salon at a booking stage, and also have a priority in luggage service.

During flight cosmetic accessories, slippers, a dressing gown are offered passengers; newspapers, magazines, writing-materials; hire of the battery for the laptop; airline JAL guidebooks, ear-phones with active system isolation.

Dishes Japanese and an European cuisine are offered passengers of a business class. A wide choice free nonalcoholic and spirits, including the present Japanese plam wine and rice vodka. During all flight light meals are accessible.