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SkyWest Airlines

SkyWest Airlines — regional airline of the USA with headquarters in the city of Sent-Dzhordzh (Utah) one of two regional air carriers of holding SkyWest, Inc.

Company SkyWest Airlines has own routeing network connecting 154 cities in 43 states of the USA, in Canada and Mexico. The airline works under trade marks United Express, Delta Connection and Midwest Connect large air carriers United Airlines, Delta Air Lines and Midwest Airlines accordingly. Regional airlines SkyWest Airlines and Atlantic Southeast Airlines, entering into holding «SkyWest, Inc.», take the eighth place in the world by quantity of planes with the general park in 440 regional liners.

Number of personnel SkyWest Airlines makes more than 11.100 persons. Daily the airline carries out about 1.790 regular flights from which 65 % are necessary on flights under brand United Express, 31% — Delta Connection and 4% of flights — under brand Midwest Connect. The largest transit airports of airline are:

The international airport of Salt Lake City
The international airport O'Hara (Chicago)
The international airport Los Angeles
The international airport Denver
The international airport of San Francisco
The international airport of Milwaukee
The international airport Portland
The international airport of Kansas City

In 1972 lawyer Ralph Atkin dissatisfied with a poor development of routeing networks of local aviatransportations, has got small airline Dixie Airlines, later having replaced its name on SkyWest Airlines. The company developed small rates in territory of the western part of the USA, and after absorption in 1984 of other carrier Sun Aire Lines and in 1986 rapid growth of a routeing network of transportations and increase in park of aircrafts then the airline in 1988 has occupied 11 place in the list of the largest regional air carriers of the country has begun.

In 1985 SkyWest Airlines has concluded the contract with airline Western Airlines on transportation of passengers from small settlements in a hub of the International airport of Salt Lake City. After acquisition Western Airlines by airline Delta Air Lines the contract has been concluded with Delta. In 1995 SkyWest Airlines has signed the similar partner contract with airline Continental Airlines on transportation of passengers from the International airport Los Angeles, however after two years the contract has been terminated Continental because of the beginning of cooperation SkyWest Airlines with their direct competitor — airline United Airlines. Under brand United Express flights from the airports Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver have begun and in the late nineties SkyWest became the largest regional air carrier working at these airports. Cooperation with Continental Airlines has renewed in 2003 and has been again stopped in June, 2005.

On Monday on August, 15th, 2005 airline Delta Air Lines declared sale regional Atlantic Southeast Airlines to again formed holding SkyWest Inc. For 425 million US dollars cash, and on Thursday on September, 8th, 2005 the holding has confirmed the fact of end of the given transaction. Now the holding of two airlines is the largest regional air carrier in the United States.