International Airlines

United Airlines

United Airlines — the American airline, one of the largest in the USA and in the world.

The airline is based in 1926 under the name «Boeing Air Transport». United Airlines was the first airline which has started to offer passengers of commercial flights a food for what, also for the first time in the world, the post of the stewardess has entered by the planes. Ellen Chyorch was the first stewardess.

The airline became also first-ever which plane became a victim of act of terrorism. On October, 11th, 1933 belonging to company Boeing 247 has blown up in air and has fallen to territories of the State of Indiana. 7 persons who were onboard were lost all. By investigation it is established that wreck became result of explosion of the bomb which were in luggage of the plane. The reasons and originators of incident have not been revealed.

Under the official version, on September, 11th, 2001 terrorists had been grasped 2 planes of airline. The Boeing 767 flights 175 has been directed by them to a southern tower of the International shopping centre, the Boeing 757 flights 93 has suffered accident in Pennsylvania. However the given treatment of events 9/11 is challenged by a number of later independent researchers.

As of July, 2006 in airline 56000 persons worked, in using it had 407 planes. The basic airports used by airline, are the International airport O'Hara in Chicago, and also the airports of Denver, Washington, San Francisco and Los Angeles.